[fiction] Seeing Red

Everything was red about that day. Their college was celebrating Rose Day. It was the 14th of February, but Valentine’s Day was something that the administration weren’t comfortable promoting. Rose Day, it was, hence. Tarun had come prepared. He sat on his bike, amid a world of fellow youngsters giving and receiving red roses. He … More [fiction] Seeing Red

[fiction] One Tight Slap

“FUCKING HELL! MOTHERFUCKING SHIT! FUCK…FUCK… FFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!” Ranvir slammed his hands on the car’s bonnet as he screamed out in frustration. He kicked the car’s tyre, hit the bonnet again, not caring about leaving behind dents. It wasn’t his car, after all. It was a friend’s car; he’d just been using it to make out with … More [fiction] One Tight Slap