[fiction] The Man Who Wanted to Commit Suicide

The view from the top of the building was a scary sight. Twenty stories down, the world looked miniscule enough to not matter. What those tiny people were thinking, it didn’t matter; how loud those toy-like cars were honking, it didn’t matter; the dust and pollution that infected the air down there, it didn’t matter. … More [fiction] The Man Who Wanted to Commit Suicide

[fiction] The Clue

Aayush was deep in thought, unusually contemplative for a Sunday morning. He had been this way since he came back from school the previous afternoon. He seemed surrounded by an air of seriousness, the world’s weight on his young shoulders, saddened by the lack of knowledge about what he wanted to be when he grew … More [fiction] The Clue

[fiction] Passions Flow as Lights Glow

“Neha, meet Amit, your co-model… Amit, Neha.” The two young models shook hands nervously as Satish, their photographer made the introductions. “We have only one dressing room at our disposal, so you guys will have to take turns,” Satish told them. “Amit, you can go change first. I’ll need your help arranging the lights.” Amit … More [fiction] Passions Flow as Lights Glow

[fiction] Just Two Idiots Drinking and Chatting

“Man, this story’s going now-fuckin’-where.” “What the fuck do you mean? Are you even fuckin’ listenin’ to me, you stupid cunt?” Adi reached out for a bottle of Kinley Club Soda, picked it up, and in one quick motion, threw it at Karan. The half-full bottle hit Karan smack on his chest. “Fuck,” he shouted. … More [fiction] Just Two Idiots Drinking and Chatting