[fiction] Passions Flow as Lights Glow

“Neha, meet Amit, your co-model… Amit, Neha.”

The two young models shook hands nervously as Satish, their photographer made the introductions.

“We have only one dressing room at our disposal, so you guys will have to take turns,” Satish told them. “Amit, you can go change first. I’ll need your help arranging the lights.”

Amit muttered a ‘sure’ and made his way to the dressing room. Once behind the locked door, he mouthed a ‘wow’ at himself in the mirror. What a fuckin’ hot babe! It’s my lucky day today. He undressed quickly and patted himself on the back for being accepted for this photo-shoot. He had been sceptical about modelling for a condom brand, but now he couldn’t wait. I’ll be paid to pose in sexual positions with this hot chick… heck, I would’ve paid them for that.

Neha made herself comfortable on a chair while she waited. She looked at Satish fussing about getting the set ready, which wasn’t much: a couch, a bed and a few pillows. She was glad the air-conditioner was turned on, she was nervous but at least she wouldn’t perspire. Condom ads are shot professionally, don’t worry about anything, her agent had told her. But how could she not worry, this was her first modelling shoot after all. You’ve made it till here, just be confident. Neha took solace from the fact that this was an ideal stepping stone for her. All of the previous LoveSutra Condoms models were now supermodels, a couple were even actresses. You’re gonna model for LoveSutra, most models would give up their arms for such a start to their careers. Make the most out of it.

Amit walked out of the dressing room wearing a robe over his briefs. “All yours,” he told Neha and checked her out as she got up and walked towards the dressing room. She seems nervous, that’s in a way good for me. If things go well, I’ll be screwing the hell out of her later on.

A few days back, Neha had talked to Satish and given him her measurements. She was to receive her costume from the production company. Oh my god, a thong! She held up the costume and wondered if it would cover up anything at all. She put it on and looked at herself in the mirror. Like a thong was supposed to do, this one left almost all of her ass on display. The patch on the front though gave her groin a decent cover-up. But the bra was miniscule as well. A couple of triangles that barely covered her boobs, a thing string running around her back and a couple of thinner straps over her shoulder. Well, get used to it, models have to expose. And you do look really sexy. Neha smiled, blew a kiss at herself and walked out without wearing a robe.

Amit’s jaw dropped when he saw Neha sauntering towards them. Don’t stare, don’t stare. He made himself busy with a floor-light and looked at Neha out of the corner of his eye. Man, look at those boobs, they’re so firm! And what shapely legs, awesome!

“Ok, looks like you’re all set,” Satish said, eyeing Neha. “Why don’t the two of you make yourself comfortable on the couch, I’ll just get my camera ready.”

Neha sat down on the couch and looked at Amit as he disrobed. Hmmm, nice physique, I like those abs. He sat down beside her. Both of them looked around themselves, neither one looking at the other, nor saying anything.

The prevailing silence was finally broken by Satish. “Alright, we’re gonna be shooting for a condom ad so I’ll be taking shots of the two of you in various love-making positions. I need you to guys to relax. Don’t be frigid, you two are supposed to be in love and supposed to be enjoying each other’s bodies. There should be a sizzling chemistry between the two of you, ok?”

Neha and Amit nodded their understanding.

“Alright, let’s begin with a kiss. Neha, you sit on Amit’s lap, facing him and with your legs on the side of his legs. Your hands should be around his neck… and Amit, I want you to slowly run your hands over her thighs and back as you two kiss.”

Neha was amazed at how nonchalantly Satish had started giving instructions. Well, it’s his job, I guess. I better start doing mine before he asks again. She turned towards Amit who was sitting back, waiting for her. With a nervous smile, she sat down on his lap, threw her hair back and placed her arms around his neck. Her face was only inches away from his, but she couldn’t make herself look at him. Amit shifted slightly and Neha felt his mild hardness against her groin.

Oh crap, I’m starting to get hard already. I better control myself; don’t want her to think of me as some kind of a despo. Amit decided to not look at her. He gingerly placed both hands on her waist and was taken aback by the smooth and soft feel of her skin.

Neha quivered when she felt the warmth of Amit’s hands on her for the first time. Without realising it, she looked at him and saw him looking at her as well. Both of them smiled when their eyes met.

“Hold that pose, hold that smile,” Satish said excitedly, eager to capture the impromptu moment. “Keep looking at each other like that.”

The flashlights started going off as Satish took pictures. Neha felt elated, her first modelling assignment was finally underway. After taking a few pictures, Satish asked them to get closer. Neha felt Amit pull her lightly towards himself. They were still looking into each other’s eyes, their lips now tantalizingly close, almost touching. On Satish’s instructions, Amit placed his hands on different parts of Neha’s body: on her thighs, cupping her ass, holding her waist, on her back, circling her arms and finally holding her bra-strap, as if unhooking it.

“Ok, that was wonderful… really good,” Satish said. “Now let’s get on with the kiss. I want you two to really kiss, not just stick your lips together. Kiss like you would kiss your partner, and keep kissing till I tell you to stop. You can use your hands as you want, be creative.”

Yes! Here it comes, finally! Amit didn’t need any more prompting, without waiting for Neha to make any move, he took her lower lip in his mouth. I’ll show this babe what a good kisser I am. Amit sucked on her lower lip for a moment before taking the upper one in his mouth. He used his tongue to lick her lips and tasted her lipstick. Neha hadn’t started kissing him back, but he didn’t mind. Amit was enjoying himself, her lips and mouth tasted and felt wonderful. He opened up her mouth with his and sought out her tongue. He sucked on her tongue for a minute before exploring the insides of her wet mouth with his. He looked at her, her eyes were closed, but she was starting to be an active partner in the kiss as well.

Neha was relieved when Amit took the initiative. She liked the way he had sucked on her lips. His tongue seemed to be wrestling with his, she decided to wrestle back. She shifted even closer to him, her boobs pressed into his hard chest. As she withdrew her mouth from the confines of his and bit on his lower lip, she felt his hands travel from her back and cup her ass. A second bite resulted in him pressing his hands into her ass cheeks. Her thong had little cover over her ass and Amit was now rubbing her bare skin. Neha moved her hands into Amit’s hair and pushed his head closer to her as their tongues met once again.

It seemed to Satish that his two models had forgotten where they were. They seemed caught up in the moment and were lusciously kissing each other like two long-lost lovers. He didn’t want them to break the kiss – he was getting some excellent shots – so he sidled around them, quietly taking pictures. He took a few long shots, some creative shots of only hands on body and some close-ups. Amit’s hands were massaging Neha’s thighs and she seemed to be rubbing her groin over his. Satish realised that if Amit came then the two would be too embarrassed to continue with the photo-shoot. He couldn’t afford that.

In a slightly raised voice, he said, “Alright, that’s good enough for now. Nice work, relax for a couple of minutes… I need to change the camera lens.”

Neha and Amit were caught by surprise by Satish’s voice. Their reverie broken, they realised where they were and quickly broke away from one another. Amit started straightening his dishevelled hair while Neha turned her back towards him to regain her composure. He took the opportunity to adjust his hardening manhood. Neha sensed herself getting damp as she realised that that had been one of the best kisses of her life. Amit sat down on the couch, still breathing heavily. Wow, what a kiss, what a babe! She was even dry humping me!

Satish was back, after his pretentious lens change. Next on the agenda were the love-making positions. “For most of these shots, Neha,” he said, “you’ll be lying on your back. Amit will be shown kissing you at various places, but the most critical thing is your expression. You need to express lust and love… close your eyes, or look far away into space; you can even keep your eyes half open. How you use your mouth and lips to express yourself is also very important… open your mouth slightly, bite your lips, move your lip over your tongue… you know, things like that, you understand?”

Neha nodded her understanding again. That shouldn’t be hard, with Amit kissing me everywhere, most of my expressions will probably come naturally. She laid down on the bed as directed by Satish: arms on her side, legs parted slightly and head on a pillow. Amit positioned himself over her, waiting for Satish to tell him where he should kiss Neha first. This is what I’ve been waiting for, can’t wait to see what the rest of her tastes like.

It began with a kiss on her bellybutton. Neha’s natural reaction made her arch her back up. The next instruction for Amit was to kiss her right thigh while placing his hand under her left thigh. A tickling sensation made Neha giggle, which Satish captured through his camera as well. Amit was asked to move up a bit, and plant a kiss on her thigh right next to her pussy. Neha caught her breath as Amit’s mouth hovered around her most private part. As Amit held his position, he smiled to himself when the scent of her wet arousal passed through his nostrils. Wow, she smells as sexy as she looks and tastes.

These changes in position went on for a while. Amit’s lips, which had started with her navel and thighs, toured Neha’s entire body. He kissed her firm and flat stomach, the sides of her navel, the cleft between her ample bra-clad boobs, he smooth shoulders and neck, her cheeks and her earlobes. The final shot of the series had Amit lying down on top of Neha, his lips meeting hers and with her legs entwined around his butt. It was the classical missionary position. Satish had helped Neha position her legs in such a way that both her panties and Amit’s underwear were hidden behind them. Similarly, Amit’s hands were positioned to hide Neha’s bra. To the camera, they looked like a completely naked couple in the middle of a fuck. And to the two models, it felt almost that way as well. Amit’s cock, pressed against Neha’s pussy, was almost completely hard. The feel of her entire body under his was too much for him. Man, I wish I could just remove my undies and start screwing here right now. Neha felt like she was in a sexy wet dream. The weight of Amit’s body, his hardness against her, his chest squashing her, his lips kissing hers… it all felt wonderful. I wish we were alone right now; I would let him fuck me senseless right now.

“Alright, that’s superb. You two are naturals… are you sure you both are not a real couple?” Satish joked, as Amit reluctantly got up and excused himself to use the bathroom. Neha visited the dressing room to touch up her makeup during the break. The wetness in her panties had increased considerably and she had to use tissues to clean herself up. Meanwhile, Amit, who was bursting at the seams, masturbated to relieve himself.

“Alright, we’re almost done,” Satish said when his two models were back. He required a couple of more shots, this time with Amit on his back and Neha over him. Neha had noticed that Amit’s underwear wasn’t bulging as before. She gave him a knowing smile as she settled between his legs, awaiting further instructions. Satish asked Neha to kiss Amit at various places, the same way he had kissed her earlier. This time, it was Neha who smelled Amit’s musky arousal when she planted a kiss near his crotch. She had a good time kissing different parts of his lean and firm body. Amit too laid back and enjoyed Neha’s warmth breath all over himself. The shoot was completed with a final shot of the two models pressed tightly against each other and smiling naughtily at the camera. Satish called it a day and asked them to collect their cheques in a couple of days.

When Neha walked out of the dressing room after getting dressed, she wasn’t really surprised to find Amit waiting for. A lot was left unsaid and undone between the two of them, and it began with a cup of coffee.


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